25 years experience


From summer jobs in Cleveland to working under three different presidents of the ISA,

I learned from the best...



"Drew and his crew are amazing, and delightful to work with. Exceptionally skilled  and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended !!"


Becoming a certified arborist requires one to have passed the intensive exam as well as maintaining continued education in the field...

Agrifolia Tree Care — Certified Arborist

At Agrifolia Tree Care we take safety and accountability very seriously. We are skilled tree care professionals and we take pride in our work. The crew is mostly from Marin and know the area and native trees so we can make assessments based on our intuitive knowledge, as well as our tree climbing skills.

Certified Arborist

ISA WE-9603A

Insured P.L & P.D.

Workers Comp


Why hire a

certified arborist?

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We will come to your residence with no cost to you whatsoever to look at your trees and give you our honest,

educated advice.